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Sutton GP
Urgent Care Centre
A & E
Sexual Health
End of Life Care

For more information see A guide to services.

Other services

Well Child Clinics
Well Child Clinics are available across Sutton. They offer you the opportunity to discuss your child’s growth and development and to seek support and advice with parenting and your own health and wellbeing.

Please remember to bring your child’s red book with you to clinic.

Child Health Clinic Timetable


Nursery nurses
Nursery nurses and nursery assistants look after pre-school age children and work closely with parents and carers. They make sure that children are safe, happy and stimulated, encourage development, healthy lifestyles, good communication and generally support parents. They work as a team with healthcare professionals such as nurses, health visitors and midwives. They may also work with social workers as part of a wider team.


Family Nurse Partnership
The FNP intensive, structured home visiting programme is delivered by specially trained nurses working with young families from early pregnancy until the child is two years old. The service is offered to first time mothers, aged 19 years or under, who are pregnant with their first child.
www.schs.nhs.uk/family-nurse-partnership FNP leaflet


Healthy Lifestyles Team
The healthy lifestyles team provide expert advice on how to help children, parents and the whole family set goals, make healthier food choices, improve self-esteem and be more active.


Developmental Reviews
Ages and Stages Questionnaires ( ASQ-3)
Developments and health reviews

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