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Community Breastfeeding Services

A service for all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and their families, delivered by your local infant feeding team who work alongside the health visitors.


Breastfeeding in the early weeks sessions
We offer one and half hour’s interactive workshops which focus on what to expect in the early weeks and how to avoid common breastfeeding problems. The ideal time to come along is when you are pregnant or in the first few weeks after your baby’s birth. So come along and meet other antenatal and postnatal parents to share your expectations and experiences.



Breastfeeding drop-in clinics
A number of groups are held in the community, run by the infant feeding team or a member of the health visiting team. Come along to one if you:

  1. Would like general support or information about breastfeeding during pregnancy or after birth.

  2. Have questions or problems with breastfeeding, using formula milk or starting solid foods.

  3. Are ready to stop breastfeeding and would like advice.

  4. Would like to meet other local mothers.

Health Promotion Sessions

We offer a range of interactive workshops ranging from one hour to one and half hours in children's centres across the borough.

The workshops are there to support you and your child’s health and development.

Please see the timetable and leaflets below for more information and session times.



For all parents and carers of babies from 0-3 months.

Helping your baby to develop good sleeping patterns in the early months is important for healthy development.

Understanding how to prevent sleep problems occurring is a useful skill for all parents and carers.

We offer one hour sleep workshops to help you understand your baby’s needs.

Minor Illness

For parents and carers of children under five years of age.

Come and find out how to manage minor illnesses, reduce the risk of accidents in the home and how to keep your child safe and well.

We offer one and half hour workshops.


Starting Solids

Moving on from milk to solids, when to start and how to begin.

We offer one hour workshops to give you the information you may need to introduce solid food to your baby.

The ideal time to come along is when your baby is about four months old to help prepare for weaning at six months.

Happy Little Eaters

Healthy Eating for children aged 1-4 years.

We offer one hour workshops to give you information on how to maintain a healthy diet as your child grows. With tips and ideas for fussy eaters and information on healthy snacks, lunches and meals for the whole family.


Other services

Child Health Clinics
Child Health Clinics are available across Sutton. They offer you the opportunity to discuss your child’s growth and development and to seek support and advice with parenting and your own health and wellbeing.

Please remember to bring your child’s red book with you to clinic.

Child Health Clinic Timetable


Nursery nurses
Nursery nurses and nursery assistants look after pre-school age children and work closely with parents and carers. They make sure that children are safe, happy and stimulated, encourage development, healthy lifestyles, good communication and generally support parents. They work as a team with healthcare professionals such as nurses, health visitors and midwives. They may also work with social workers as part of a wider team.


Family Nurse Partnership - Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a free and voluntary programme for under 19’s expecting their first baby.


Healthy Lifestyles Team - The healthy lifestyles team provide expert advice on how to help children, parents and the whole family set goals, make healthier food choices, improve self-esteem and be more active.


Developmental Reviews
Ages and Stages Questionnaires ( ASQ-3)

Children’s respite services

The service provides overnight care for children with complex health needs and /or learning disability in adapted accommodation or in their own home.

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